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OvalRock Dynamic Workstation Capable of Record and Playback of SD, HD, 2K, VTR, DDR Data; Can Act as Server Emulator, Compatible with Most Broadcast Software


            LAS VEGAS – OvalRock, a leading designer and developer of convergent broadcast video applications, today announced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention that it will offer a holographic video recorder, the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation.  OvalRock will show the workstation, which incorporates the Tapestry™ technology from InPhase Technologies, the world’s leader in holographic data storage, at the Maxell Booth #C6932 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

            Shipping to customers in the third quarter of 2006, the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation enables broadcasters, and video professionals, to record and play back source material from a variety of formats, including videotape, Blu-Ray disc, data disc recorder (DDR), and holographic drive.  The initial workstation will ship with tape drives, with holographic drives to be added in later versions.

Representing a new generation of powerful servers that can emulate a wide variety of media source types, and is compatible with most major broadcast software programs, the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation is designed to duplicate the function of most major pieces of television production equipment. Each component of the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation can integrate data from a variety of sources, process it in real time for a variety of functions, and store it onto local or remote hard disc drives or store it to holographic disc, videotape or Blu-Ray disc for archive and transport. 

            “Today’s broadcast facility is experiencing a massive shift from legacy analog equipment to the latest digital systems, and the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation enables video professionals of all types to protect their equipment investments while migrating at a reasonable pace,” said Algie Abrams, CEO of OvalRock. 

Continued Abrams, “Integrating the first holographic video recording capability, with InPhase Technologies, is a unique feature of the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation that enables us to provide a seamless method of integrating existing AV signal systems and workflows into high-performance IT processing and storage environments.  With the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation, customers don’t have to move their data to another piece of equipment, they merely have to change the application.”

Designed with a familiar VTR controller front panel design, with jog and bump commands, the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation includes a high-quality LCD monitor to view input and output video, waveform and vector displays, and file, bin, and edit information.  With full VTR editorial functions, the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation can be externally controlled by networked or SP-DIF functions.  A fully-functioning virtual VTR, capable of storing both compressed and uncompressed standard- and high-definition video data, the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation operates on an x86 platform, so that all hardware, operating systems, and applications that conform to those standards can be utilized in the system. 

            Continued Abrams, “A facility may have many flavors of analog and digital equipment, which perform specific functions or tasks.  The OvalRock Dynamic Workstation workstation can emulate VTRs, DDRs, network servers, edit and effects and character generators, and can also provide simultaneous file and signal type translations. So, for example, a customer may have an OvalRock Dynamic Workstation running a Windows-based application for one task, but may be running a LINUX-based application for another task.”

The OvalRock Dynamic Workstation SD Dynamic Workstation is a server emulator than can record and play back source material from standard-definition(SD), high-definition (HD), 2K (or, Academy 2K, which is 1828 x 1332 pixels), videotape recorder (VTR), data disc recorder (DDR), or act as a server emulator.  It can be configured with up to 6.4 TB of hard-disk drive (HDD) RAID arrays.

The OvalRock Dynamic Workstation is compatible with a wide variety of broadcast software applications, including: Adobe Premier; Avid Express; Matrox; Sonic Solutions; SAI; Louth Systems; Omnibus; Adobe After Effects; Maya; 3D Studio Max; Combustion; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; Windows Media; Real Networks Helix; Digidesign ProTools, and all MPEG and ASI applications.

 “With the OvalRock Dynamic Workstation, the broadcast industry will have a video recorder solution that incorporates holographic storage technology, and will enable cost-effective access to legacy data,” said Liz Murphy, vice president of marketing for InPhase Technologies.  “The OvalRock Dynamic Workstation enables our customers to integrate holographic storage for today’s applications, in addition to a highly-reliable solution for archival material.”  


About OvalRock

OvalRock is a broadcast and electronic media designer and developer that specializes in the convergence of Electronic Media, Information and Telecommunication Systems.  The company’s customers are end-users and vendors that require both strategic and tactical knowledge for the development of next-generation systems that merge a wide variety of technologies. OvalRock’s services range from design consulting and manufacturing to direct marketing. The company, based in Vista, California, was founded in 2003.  For more information, visit the company Web site at


About InPhase Technologies


InPhase Technologies is the leading developer of holographic data storage (HDS) recording media and systems. Based in Longmont, Colorado, InPhase was founded in 2000, and is comprised of some of the storage industry's leading executives and scientists. InPhase is funded by venture capital investors New Venture Partners LLC, Signal Lake Ventures, Newton Technology Partners, Yasuda Enterprise Development, Japan Asia Investment Company, Nanotech Partners and Mr. B.J. Cassin. Corporate investors are Hitachi Maxell, Ltd., Bayer MaterialScience AG, and ALPS Information Technology Fund.  For more information on InPhase, please visit the company's Web site at


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EDITOR’S NOTE: If you would like a color photograph of Algie Abrams, CEO of OvalRock; Liz Murphy, vice president of marketing for InPhase Technologies, or a color photograph of the InPhase Tapestry media or holographic drive, please contact Chris Pfaff at or 201-218-0262.